What We're All About

  • Keeping Families Together
  • Making for a More Just Society
  • Creating Publicity Around the Concept of Prison Alternatives
  • Lobbying Congress and State Legislatures to Enact Prison Reform

Why We Do What We Do

The justice system often imposes punitive punishments which are out of touch with the severity of the crime.

How does it make sense to throw a non-violent offender in prison for life when they committed three relatively minor offenses while those who commit major crimes often get as little as five years?

Separating families and making children grow up without their parents is a recipe for future criminals.

Study after study has shown that children who have both their parents in their lives do better as adults.

Keeping spouses apart makes it harder for people to re-integrate into society.

The reality is that when people are allowed to stay with their significant other, even under terms of house arrest, they are less likely to re-offend and more likely to re-enter society instead of being a burden.

We spend hundreds of billions of dollars to incarcerate people who will become a burden on society.

Wouldn’t it make more sense to spend less and get better results instead of continuing to add to the the federal deficit or causing states and localities to go bankrupt?

Perfectly healthy people who made a mistake enter the prison system and emerge forever damaged by the experience.

It’s a well documented phenomenon that people who have committed a non-violent crime who are then introduced to the prison system emerge worse for wear. They often end up becoming hardened criminals as a result of their time behind bars.